Mousse Mask Showdown

Hi beauty geeks, it’s been a LONG while since my last post. I’ve been struggling somewhat with a few things when it comes to blogging. One being that sometimes, products tend to behave more than the sum of their individual product. Skin care nowadays incorporates so many amazing products these days. But some products tend to work really well despite having fewer good ingredients. So I’m questioning whether or not breaking the products down and judging them this way was a fair way to gauge products. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Another issue is that WordPress appears to have a limit for the space they give you for pictures. Blogs aren’t all that interesting without a few pics. So I’ve been wondering how to overcome that limitation. If anyone has any suggestions, please drop me a buzz in the comments below.

Onto the review! This will be one between the Innisfree Super Volcanic Mousse Mask and the Too Cool For School Morocco Ghassoul Creamy Mousse.

First off, I LOVE mousse masks. If you’ve ever been frustrated at how difficult it is to get clay masks off your face, mousse masks are an awesome alternative. The whipped texture makes them so much lighter and so much easier to wash off afterwards!

Packaging & Price

I’ve had the immense pleasure of using both these products. They’re really similar where price and packaging are concerned. I personally like the look of Innisfree’s packaging more. Both are plastic, but the nozzle on the Too Cool for School mask offers better control when you dispense the product. Both their packaging are mostly plastic and hold up well everyday abuse.

Price-wise, Too Cool for School was slightly more expensive. I got the Innisfree mask for RM62/- and the Too Cool for School mask for RM65.90 on Both are for 100 ml or about 3.4 oz, so they’re both quite a good value. These products lasted about 2-3 months of use, but that was because both my sister and boyfriend were sharing these products with me. We do spread it on quite liberally as well during each use.

Scent and Feel

The Innisfree mask has a relatively fresh scent to it, slightly more so than its jarred counterpart. Whereas the Tool Cool for School has an earthy scent. Keep in mind that the Innisfree mask is a volcanic clay mask where as the Tool Cool for School mask is made of Ghassoul Clay. So understandably, there would be some differences. Both scents are quite mild, but if (even the slightest) fragrances bother you, then I would suggest opting for the Ghassoul mask.

As with the jarred Innisfree super volcanic mud mask, the Innisfree mousse mask does have some finely milled volcanic clusters mixed into its luxuriously thick and creamy body. It provides some exfoliation, but not so much that you would feel the grittiness on your skin. The mousse spreads out quite effortlessly and dries down to a papery consistency. You’ll notice some darkened spots where it’s pulled up sebum. (I find that bit very satisfying) As you wash it off, you’ll notice how finely milled the volcanic clay is. Bottom line: I friggin LOVE this mask!

The Too Cool for School mask has been reviewed as the Lamborghini of masks. It’s quite thick and creamy in consistency as well, but slightly less so than the Innisfree mousse. It’s also slightly more gritty in texture so if you’re looking for more exfoliation, this one is the better bet. This mask also dries down to a papery finish but there are no spots to indicate sebum expulsion.

Both masks leave my face feeling fresh and clean afterwards, but the Too Cool for school one is slightly more drying and much more mattifying than the Innisfree masks. That being said, my sister, who has dry, sensitive and acne prone skin uses the Too Cool for School mask twice a week with no issues of breakouts. Both worked really well with my combination skin. Neither breaks me out.

Another thing to note, is that neither of these masks make the skin tingle or burn.

Final Thoughts…

This was a less in depth comparison of two of my favorite clay masks. I have to say, the convenience of these products makes it very difficult for me to turn back to regular masks. Personally, I do prefer the Innisfree mask. I like that it’s thicker and finer and I love it’s mild, refreshing scent. It doesn’t irritate my skin and it gets the job done well without breaking the bank. In other words, it’s got all the right elements to make it a permanent staple in my weekly skin care routine.

What did you guys think about this review? Let me know in the comments section below.